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Tue, May 13, 2008


Welcome to wiebe.ca v3.0! This latest version of my personal blog is a complete re-design from the ground up with numerous improvements.

Firstly, I wanted to make this version more photography-focused, thus the rotating carousel at the top of the page. This will always show my latest top 5 photos, however, you will always be able to go back through the archives and see everything from day one. The text-based articles will remain more or less as they were before with random thoughts, rants and other tidbits. I am also going to add a section about tech advice since numerous members of my family and personal friends often ask my opinion on such things (it will be so much easier to just say “read the article”).

The side bar on the right has a spot for smaller one-line type posts or links – interesting things that don’t necessarily warrant an entire regular post. Another sidebar feature I am particularly happy about is Flickr integration. I have always wrestled with how to deal with photos on my blog and I never found a perfect solution. Flickr is pretty much the defacto standard for photos on the web, so I am just going to go with that and integrate my Flickr feed here. It should make life much easier. To add some levity, I have some funny YouTube vids on the bottom of the page for your viewing pleasure.

It seems like every time I upgrade this blog I end up blowing everything away and starting over. So why should now be any different. I went back through my old posts and never really found much I thought anyone would care about, so now we begin again!

Lastly, for my geekier friends, I have finally moved this blog over to WordPress (2.5.1) for content management. Joomla turned out to be too much of a challenge and too flakey at times. I am hoping by switching to a simpler system, it will encourage me to post more frequently.

Hope everyone enjoys the new wiebe.ca.


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  1. Rob Says:

    Mike, Great looking website – I love the new layout particularly the rotating header – if you could slow it down about 4x so I can read the descriptions (yes i know, I’m a slow reader). Now all you need is a kick in the butt to post more often.

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