My First Wedding Shoot!

Tue, Aug 12, 2008


It was with a great deal of nervousness that I recently agreed to photograph the wedding of my good friends Art and Tina. Shooting a wedding is tough. It’s one of the most important moments in someone’s life and there is no re-shoot if you don’t get the goods first time around. It was tough. It was tiring. But it was also a lot of fun and I learned a lot. I think it’s also the first time that I have shot for almost 7 hours straight (without stopping). You can check out the whole gallery of shots from the day on my flickr feed.

Here’s a few of my faves from the day:

1) Making it all legal – signing on the dotted line.

2) The bride’s floral arrangement

4) Art, Tina and her parents

5) The couple about to get announced into their reception

6) The head table at the reception

7) My good friend Amy – also a guest at the wedding

8 ) Perhaps my most favorite. Tina was crying because of her mom’s lovely speech. But the photo could be taken so many other ways. I didn’t even realize I had captured the tear drop until I was uploading the photos in post.

9) The couple’s first dance of the evening.

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  1. Puk Says:

    Hello Mr. Wiebe,

    I came across to your site by accident, but very glad to found it. I love your work, and yep the most favourite for wedding set, is the same as yours.. very nice one.. just would love to leave you a compliment. Well done!!!

    Take care,

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